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Restaurant Can Ton i Sa Malica

It was the 60s when Bar Palomera took its first steps with vermouths and appetizers. Over the years it transformed into what it is today: a restaurant that is strongly committed to seafood. We offer a wide menu for all tastes. Our specialty is rice, seafood and fresh fish. However, we have a very complete menu for both midday and evening with a great value for money. Thanks to its location, facing the sea, you can enjoy a good meal on a spacious and comfortable terrace with spectacular views of the Sa Palomera rock and the port of Blanes.

Enjoy gastronomy and the sea, in front of the sea

Sit at the table. Ahead, the blue sea. The background horizon. The noise of the waves. The sea breeze. An octopus Sa Malica. A seafood rice. A homemade tiramisu. A good conversation. An anniversary as a couple. A meeting of friends.